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Gen4 6L iron long block core disassembled

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Buy this engine before we build our next forged 6L.

Dismantled, cleaned, and inspected LY6 6.0 gen4 engine.

Block and pistons washed. Intact engine block, with some wear and "ridge" on the cylinder tops. Can be honed for 4.005 or 4.010" pistons.

Camshaft bearings need to be replaced; originally, there was a camshaft bearing damage. Pistons have some vertical wear marks.

Cylinder heads and crankshaft are from another LY6 engine, with less mileage than this one. Crankshaft is in good condition, can be polished.

Otherwise, clean and tidy in its parts. Crankshaft rotates smoothly.

A good and easy engine block, for example, as a starting point for a forged motor, suitable for Summit's standard weight drop-in forged pistons.

6.0 L
LY6 / L96
Block Material

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