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Built 6L Iron block gen4 LY6 Red Hot

Built 6L Iron block gen4 LY6 Red Hot

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Built engine that exceeds LS3 specs, with an BTR Red Hot cam. The complete work report is available as well with all parts and tolerances. The work was completed by Mikko Viitala.

This engine core was in good condition, coatings on the pistons well preserved and no typical cut scratches. Cylinders clean, light cleaning honing done.

Assembled with necessary new parts and more, main bearings connecting rod bearings, all seals, head bolts, Gm oem MLS head gaskets,
BTR camshaft and BTR platinium double valve springs required with it.

Extensive deck work, levels driven, new intake valves, seats and exhaust valves machined. Crankshaft

Gen4 LY6 6.0 iron block with “823 LS3” heads.

BTR Red Hot camshaft, works as a naturally aspirated enghine, but the cam also fits perfectly, e.g.

with the centrifugal supercharger, this is taken into account in the gap clearances of the piston rings. A working machine for the street or

even for a drifter. As naturally aspirated you can expect +500hp and with supercharged you can put overpressure 0.5-0.7bar and 750hp.

6.0 L
LY6 / L96
Block Material

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